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Is it a pompano dolphin? Joel Burgess of Andrews, S.C., caught this odd-looking dolphin while fishing off Georgetown, S.C. in April 2009. At a weight of 15 pounds, it would be an exceptionally large for a pompano dolphin. While it has the general body profile of the pompano, the anterior lobe on the anal fin and the shallow fork in the tail show this fish to be a deformed common dolphin or possibly a hybrid between of the two.
Amanda Carpenter displays one of several pompano dolphin that she and her husband caught March 10, 2009, in the Gulf of Mexico off Destin, Fl.
The crew of the Day Maker of Charleston, S.C. proudly show their new South Carolina state record dolphin of 77.5 pounds. Note the tail of a five-pound dolphin protruding from the bull’s mouth.
Tim Heiser of Plantation, Fl., introduces young Austin Cagan to the fun of tagging fish for science, teaching him that you do not have to kill every fish.
Mark Mitchell of Orlando, Fl. provides a comparison of two bull dolphin from the Bahamas with one showing vertical camouflage bars.
Beau Benson, grandson of Don Gates of Conroe, Tx., becomes the third generation in the family to tag dolphin during a trip off Texas.
These two bulls from the Bahamas display two starkly different color patterns, the dominate green and yellow pattern and the dark blue. Photo by Mark Mitchell.
Robert Cromie of Houston, Texas, sent in this photo of two nice bulls that were caught off Freeport in June 2011.
Carmen Vastola of Hong Kong, China, measures one of his South China Sea dolphin prior to release.
Richard DeLizza, right, sent in this photo of two fish he and his crew caught on a recent trip to Bimini, Bahamas, that while identical in length, clearly show the weight differential between the sexes. The bull, top left, weighed 34 pounds while the cow, lower right, tip the scale at only 18 pounds. 
In search of school dolphin to tag off Texas, Don Gates shows off a 32 pound bull dolphin that took their bait instead.
Don Gates of Conroe, TX owner of the Killin Time II proudly displays the results of his crew’s hard effort on behalf of the Dolphinfish Research Program.
A crew member of the Killin Time II shows a pompano dolphin taken off Marathon, Fl., in June 2009.
A school dolphin in a brilliant silver and blue color phase tries to avoid the Killin Time’s dipnet in the Florida Straits in 2007.
Don Gates prepares to release one of more than 1,000 dolphin that he and his crew aboard the Killin Time have tagged off the Florida Keys.
Joel Arrington of Oriental, N.C. captured the aerial acrobatics of this outer banks dolphin in 2003.
Dino Barone of the Rock Boat Fishing Team out of Weston, Fl., captured the power and violence of this south Florida bull dolphin in 2005.
Even viewed up close, this dolphin from the Mediterranean Sea photographed by RiccardoTamburini of Legnano, Italy looks the same as one from North Carolina or Puerto Rico.
Dave Wilson shows one of the more than 100 dolphin he has tagged in the Tongue of the Ocean in the central Bahamas.
Displaying brilliant emerald green and canary yellow, Mark Mitchell’s photograph captures a beautiful example of dolphin’s most common color pattern. 
Ed Rodrigez of Lake Mary, Fl., tagged this dolphin off the central east coast of Florida in 2003.
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